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XCMG Large Tonnage Loaders Continuously Delivered To Northeast China

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As winter approaches, the demand for coal in Northeast China has significantly increased, and railway transportation and loading and unloading have become busier. Efficient and reliable shovel equipment is necessary to ensure the high-quality execution of loading and unloading work. Recently, 10 XCMG XC988 large tonnage loaders were delivered in bulk to four important railway transportation stations in Northeast China, becoming the main force for loading and unloading.


"The peak of coal usage in winter is approaching, and it is necessary to load and unload goods in a timely manner without stacking them. Railway loading and unloading are almost under high load every day. Therefore, before the actual transportation peak arrives, we upgraded large tonnage loaders for some overloaded stations with the aim of improving overall transportation capacity." The equipment manager explained.


The XC988 large tonnage loader delivered in this batch has strong comprehensive strength, equipped with XCMG's exclusive National IV engine, perfectly matched with XCMG's self-developed high-end electronic control gearbox, with excellent power performance and easy operation. At the same time, based on the characteristics of railway transportation, equipped with large and high unloading, 7-square buckets, and XCMG's self-made reinforced drive axle, it demonstrates good overload resistance, greatly improving loading and unloading efficiency while meeting the high-strength and high load requirements of railway loading and unloading.


In recent years, dozens of XC9 series loaders from XCMG have been stationed at major railway stations in the local area. After delivery, XCMG dispatched a team of service engineers multiple times to the delivery site to provide specialized training on equipment usage skills and daily maintenance, and dispatched service personnel to provide 24-hour after-sales support, ensuring that customers have no worries.


"Nowadays, the localization of large tonnage loaders is unstoppable. Before procurement, the unit formed a team to inspect the transportation peers in important domestic ports, mines and other industries, and found that XCMG's large tonnage loaders have a good reputation among customers, whether it is the matching of procurement needs in the early stage or the spare parts service after procurement. We are also proud that domestic large tonnage loaders can achieve this height." The equipment manager highly recognizes XCMG's comprehensive strength in the field of large tonnage loaders.

XCMG, as a leader in large tonnage loaders, continuously pursues breakthroughs in technology and expands its territory in sub sectors such as ultra large tonnage, large tonnage new energy, and large tonnage intelligence, creating higher value for customers!

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