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XCMG Mining Machinery: Digitalization Empowers Running Acceleration

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On November 11th, the "Advancing with Intelligence and Moving towards the New - Green and Intelligent Construction Exchange Conference for Open pit Mines" was grandly held, hosted by XCMG Group and guided by China Association for Industrial Development and China University of Mining and Technology. Nearly 350 people from government agencies, industry associations, university leaders and experts, as well as representatives of open-pit coal mine system enterprises, national outstanding construction entrepreneurs, and industrial chain alliance forces participated in this event. Peng Qiming, President and Party Secretary of China Mining Federation, Li Xiaojun, Vice President of China Industry Development Promotion Association, Bian Zhengfu, Vice President of China University of Mining and Technology, and Yang Dongsheng, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Group and XCMG Machinery attended and delivered speeches.

The vast northwest has great potential

Safety and efficiency have always been an unchanging topic in global mining resource extraction. In the context of the "global green" era, the entire industry has reached a consensus on the response to the construction of green and smart mines. The Northwest market also shoulders the responsibility of ensuring national energy security. The purpose of this conference is to comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of national green and intelligent mining equipment, with "leading technology, leading products, and leading technology" as the entry point, and to assist in the sustainable development of global mines.


Yang Dongsheng stated that XCMG has always actively integrated into era projects such as the Western Development and the West East Power Transmission. Currently, the global mining equipment manufacturing industry is advancing towards large-scale, intelligent, and green development. XCMG Group will firmly adhere to the transformation and upgrading of the industry towards "high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented, and international", and strive to build a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster that is innovative, open, resource complementary, mutually beneficial, and collaborative.


Li Xiaojun stated that the construction of intelligent mines is an inevitable trend in the development of the mining industry. The China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development adheres to the comprehensive promotion of the concept of "people-oriented, technological innovation, and open cooperation", closely follows the specific requirements of the three-year action plan for the intelligent construction of coal mines, and forms a work rhythm of "up and down linkage, vertical and horizontal connectivity, and coordination and consistency", making the blueprint of the Green and Smart Mining Technology Equipment and Operation Service Exchange Conference a reality and the vision a reality.


Bian Zhengfu stated that the current school relies on its disciplinary advantages and cooperates with enterprises and institutions to carry out scientific research and has achieved a number of high-quality scientific research results. Looking towards the future, the school will continue to promote the precise implementation of school enterprise cooperation, serve the high-quality development of regions and industries, serve the energy revolution and the national "dual carbon" strategy, and contribute to the construction of a strong country and the rejuvenation of the nation!


Peng Qiming proposed at the meeting to pay more attention to the role of technological innovation in the high-quality development of mining industry; The second is to promote green development more practically; The third is to pay more attention to and implement corporate social responsibility, and jointly assume the responsibility and mission of achieving sustainable development of global mining.

Under the witness of the attending leaders, the Smart Mining Innovation Cluster Base has officially settled. This industrial base will become a collaborative link between associations, governments, and enterprises, deepening cooperation and exchange among upstream and downstream chain members, promoting the construction of local smart mining industry ecology, and supporting the high-quality development of smart mining solutions.

Digital Intelligence Pioneer, Complete Set and Launch

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that promoting green and low-carbon economic and social development is a key link in achieving high-quality development. Under the new situation, the development of China's mining and equipment manufacturing sectors is facing new challenges; Accelerating technological transformation, product innovation, seamless integration with market demand, achieving safe, intensive, efficient, and sustainable development, and leading industrial value upgrading are imperative.

XCMG has signed a strategic cooperation ceremony with several leading enterprises in the mining industry, which has become a driving achievement of multi-party cooperation and deepening cooperation.


Yang Yufeng, Director of XCMG Mining Machinery Technology Center, reports on the complete set of solutions

At the meeting, XCMG presented "Application Solution for Complete Equipment in Open Pit Mining", "Application Solution for High end Green Equipment in Open pit Mining", and "Financial Solution for Open pit Mining Equipment", providing customers with a "package" solution from the perspectives of products, technology, services, and finance, completely solving the pain points of major mining customers.

Alliance Chain, Value Win Win

Mineral resources are an important pillar industry for China's economic and social development, and the exploration and development of mineral resources are related to national economy, people's livelihood, and national security. Mining machinery is an important guarantee equipment for energy security, and its technological development and product strength are the "refining stones" of China's super equipment industry chain. In order to assist national energy security and contribute to the strength of enterprises, the upstream and downstream of the mining equipment industry chain are intertwined, solving problems from the perspectives of intelligence, greenness, and unmanned operation, exploring new ideas for the development and construction of smart mines, and sparking new changes in the field of mining equipment.

Outdoor display of XCMG's complete set of mining machinery

Zhang Xueqian from Xuzhou Digital Space Mining Research Institute exchanged ideas on "jointly building and sharing ecological intelligent mining innovation clusters" at the meeting, showcasing the achievements since the establishment of industrial innovation clusters and pointing out the direction for expanding cluster empowerment and leveraging industrial synergy in the next step.


Those who do not plan for the overall situation are not enough to plan for a single domain. The current mining industry has entered a fast lane of development, forcing the global mining equipment to transform and upgrade towards a more high-end, intelligent, and green direction. In the future, XCMG will continue to deepen its efforts in the global high-end mining equipment industry, tackle core key technologies, and break down industry barriers; Integrating intelligent transformation, digital transformation, and networking into business and production, focusing on high-precision and cutting-edge product research and development, and producing super equipment that leads the market and customers pursue; We will continue to improve the global marketing service system, implement the transformation and upgrading of the "five modernizations" of the industry, assist in the sustainable development of global mining, and turn the "freehand brushwork" of green and smart mining construction into "meticulous brushwork".

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