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XCMG Official Manufacturer GR1603 Rc Wheel Motor Grader for Sale XCMG Official Manufacturer GR1603 Rc Wheel Motor Grader for Sale


XCMG Official Manufacturer GR1603 Rc Wheel Motor Grader for Sale

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XCMG GR1603 Motor Grader


Product Introduction

1. The torque converter has a large torque coefficient, a high efficiency, a wide effective area, and a good joint operation characteristic with the engine.

2. The drive axle is a dedicated XCMG axle.

3. Rear axle main drive is equipped with "NO-SPIN" without self-locking differential. When one wheel slips, the other wheel can still transmit its original torque.

4. The service brake is a dual-circuit hydraulic brake system that acts on the two rear wheels of the grader and is safe and reliable.

5. The sealed cab is used to configure the air conditioning system. The interior parts are sleek and compact plastic parts, which fully reflects the needs of ergonomics.

6. Hydraulic system uses load-sensitive technology to increase work efficiency

Technical Parameters

Description Unit Parameter value
Engine model
Rated power/speed kW/rpm 125/2200
Overall dimension (standard)
Total weight (standard) kg 13000
Tire specification
13.00-24TG RP12
Ground clearance (front axle) mm 654
Tread mm 2020
Space of front and rear axles mm 5780
Forward velocity km/h 5/8/13/18/30/47
Reverse speed km/h 5/13/30
Tractive effort f=0.75 kN 73
Maximum gradeability % 25
Tire inflation pressure kPa 260
Working system pressure MPa 19
Transmission pressure MPa 1.3—1.8
Maximum steering angle of front wheel
Maximum slant angle of front wheel
Maximum oscillating angle of front axle
Maximum oscillating angle of equilibrium box
Front15° Rear15°
Maximum steering angle of frame
Minimum turning radius m 6.6
Scrape knife Maximum lift height  mm 410
Maximum cutting depth  mm 515
Maximum tilt angle
Cutting angle
Angle of revolution
Length & chord height mm 3660x610
Coolant L 50
Fuel tank L 280
Engine L 18
Transmission L 26
Hydraulic oil L 96
Drive axle L 28
Balancing box L 46

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