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XCMG Side Unloading Loader Pingtan Exhibition Wins Batch Orders!

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Recently, the second Pingtan Tunnel Machinery Industry Expo with the theme of "serving enterprise docking, promoting industry aggregation, and leading industry return" was held at the Pingtan Ocean International Convention and Exhibition Center. XCMG XC958-EV pure electric side dumping loader and XC956 side dumping loader have demonstrated their strength, attracting numerous customers and gaining countless fans.


After the exhibition, XCMG loader held a special thank-you meeting for customers in the tunnel industry to introduce in detail XCMG's complete set of equipment solutions for shoveling and transportation of tunnel working conditions, comprehensively demonstrate its comprehensive hard strength in technology, products and services, and received nearly 20 batch orders, of which more than half were pure electric products, ushering in a good start to the the Year of the Loong.

Strength exhibition, leading the way in new energy solutions

XCMG loaders have been deeply involved in the tunnel field for many years. The products exhibited in this exhibition are all developed based on the XC9 series product platform, combined with the accumulated tunnel working condition data for a long time, and targeted research and development. Among them, XC956 side dumping loader from XCMG has been favored by the market for its strong performance since its launch; Facing the challenge of "dual carbon", XCMG XC958-EV pure electric side dumping loader equipped with the industry's unique "three motors" technology solution brings more possibilities for the green and sustainable development of the tunnel industry.


XC958-EV Pure Electric Side Unloading Loader from XCMG


XC956 Side Unloading Loader from XCMG

"Throughout the year, I have been working on projects. I happened to take the opportunity of the Spring Festival exhibition to purchase some new equipment. XCMG, which I have been using all along, went straight to the XCMG booth at the opening and purchased two new cars."

Mr. Chen, like other people from Pingtan, is fighting on the front line of tunnel construction nationwide. Only during the Spring Festival can he have the opportunity to return to his hometown and reunite with his family, and discuss development plans with his peers for the coming year.

Rooted in working conditions, continuously improving product performance

Strengthen the sealing performance of the entire machine in response to the characteristics of high dust, humidity and other working environments in tunnels; To solve the current situation of limited visibility and easy falling objects, structural components and standard hood protective railings are specially designed for tunnel working conditions; Directional optimization, thickened boom plate, stronger resistance to heavy loads.


In terms of the operating mechanism, the side dumping dedicated bucket is equipped with two forms of straight blade and V-shaped blade, which have wider applicability. The reinforced side dumping bracket and oil cylinder installation method can quickly adjust the direction of side dumping, achieving higher unloading efficiency. The whole machine tunnel construction is safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

XCMG's side dump loader has always been highly praised among peers, and with this exhibition, we have the opportunity to experience XCMG's new products up close. It's really great! We plan to purchase a batch of replacement vehicles for the project“


Through the exhibition, XCMG loaders showcase their products and services comprehensively to segmented industry users, empowered by "smart transformation, digital transformation, and online connectivity", accurately recommend and empower efficient operations, and help customers move towards success.

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