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XCMG | Strength Show! XCMG XE600DK MAX

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On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2024, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Supporting Guizhou to Explore a New Road in the Western Development of the New Era" (Guofa [2024] No. 2), ushering in a new major historical opportunity for Guizhou and standing at a new historical starting point.

Thanks to the continuous promotion of the "Western Development" strategy, the economy and society of Guiyang City have been accelerating towards high-quality development in recent years.


Efficient homework: "When faced with strength, it becomes stronger"

Most of the Guiyang Railway Construction City projects are made of white cotton stones, with rock hardness reaching level five, which poses great challenges for excavator crushing operations.

Regarding this, Mr. Liang, the construction party, said, "Originally, our largest excavator was a 50 ton class, and the crushing operation on this project was a bit difficult. The key is that the efficiency did not improve. In order to ensure the construction progress, we purchased two XE600DK MAX excavators in February and wanted to try the effect."

Due to being the first time using a large tonnage excavator from XCMG, Mr. Liang did not have full confidence. Unexpectedly, with the addition of these two XE600DK MAX, the crushing efficiency has been significantly improved. Less than a month later, he purchased two more XE600DK MAX.

If homework efficiency is the best manifestation of the competitiveness of construction enterprises, then lower usage costs are the key guarantee for customer profits and value.

The XE600DK MAX is equipped with a Cummins X12 engine, with a maximum power of 336kW/1800rpm, sufficient power reserve, fast response speed, and lower fuel consumption.

Regarding this, Mr. Liang sighed and said, "The work efficiency is much higher, and fuel consumption can still be saved so much. This XE600DK MAX really makes me 'regret meeting too late'. In the future, for excavators with 60 tons and larger tonnage, I will still choose XCMG."

Based on market demand, XCMG excavator continues to strengthen its core technological advantages in large tonnage products, providing customers with energy-saving and efficient construction solutions, and has become the preferred brand trusted by customers.

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