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XCMG Super Large Tower Crane Honor Delivered To China Railway Construction Port And Navigation Bureau

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On the morning of January 9th, the departure ceremony for the delivery of XCMG's ultra large tower crane XGT8300-320S to China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau was grandly held at the XCMG Tower Crane Xuzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Base at the Four Seas Bridge of Hong Kong.


Yuan Shaozhen, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Tower Crane, delivered a speech, stating that XCMG Tower Crane focuses on high-end manufacturing, continues to deepen cooperation in major engineering and key projects in fields such as bridges, thermal power, and nuclear power, and contributes to various national infrastructure construction. We hope that both sides can take the opportunity of iconic products and project applications to comprehensively deepen cooperation, further promote the development of super large towers towards "high-end, intelligent, and green", and draw a new blueprint for China's bridge industry with great power.


As the core weapon of bridge construction, the XGT8300-320S, which was delivered this time, will work together with the first XGT8300-320S, which was delivered to China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau in September last year, to assist in the construction of the Shuangyumen Extra Large Bridge in the second phase of the Liuheng Bridge in Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

The XGT8300-320S innovatively utilizes 10 core technologies, including the inverted triangle alarm frame upper and lower split combination technology, double-sided four cylinder synchronous lifting technology, and hydraulic system closed-loop sub scale pump control technology. It has high safety performance, large lifting capacity and torque, and high construction efficiency, which can solve the problems of heavy lifting components, high construction height, large operation span, and high offshore construction wind and waves during the construction process.


Zeng Lingfei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Equipment and Materials Center of China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau Group Co., Ltd

Zeng Lingfei stated in his speech that XCMG Tower Crane is at the forefront of the industry in terms of independent innovation, key technologies, hardware facilities, quality control, and other aspects of large-scale lifting equipment construction. The delivery and departure of XGT8300-320S marks a new chapter in the cooperation between China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau and XCMG Tower Crane. We look forward to deeper cooperation and exchange between China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau and XCMG Tower Crane in the construction field.


Both parties shall hand over the golden key

XGT8300-320S will assist in the construction of the six horizontal side cable towers of the Shuangyumen Navigation Bridge Phase II project at Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The main span of this bridge is 1768 meters, making it the world's largest single span suspended steel box girder suspension bridge and also the largest sea crossing bridge in China. It has officially entered the construction phase of the offshore main tower.

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