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XCMG XE35U-E Electric excavator mini digger 3.5 ton 4 ton small excavator machine with price

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Mini Crawler Excavator XE35U-E

XE35U-E (3)

Product Introduction

XE35U-E electric excavator is featured with zero emissions, small vibration, low noise, and high safety characteristics. It is suitable for underground construction pipe network, tunnel, plateau and other working conditions, and has a greater advantage over diesel models in areas with strict noise limits. combined with multiple-function operating accessories, can complete tasks of digging, loading, leveling, trenching, drilling. shearing, lifting, etc., and is widely used in construction and production fields of hydropower, transportation, municipal administration, garden, farmland trans-formation etc.

Technical Parameters



Operating Weight

4300 kg
Bucket Capacity

0.12 m³
Battery System
Battery type
Lithium iron phosphate
Battery pack composition
Two standard C packs
Battery system energy
70.18 kWh
Battery system capacity
173 Ah
Battery system voltage
405.72 V
Fast charge
Slow charge
Charge power
Rated/peak rotating speed
Rated working voltage
310 V
Rated/peak torque
87.5/120  Nm
Rated/peak power
22/30 kW
Rated/peak rotating speed
2400/3600  Rpm
Main Performance
Travel speed(h/l)
3.6/2.2 km/h
rotating speed
8.5 r/min
Ground pressure
38.5 kPa
Bucket digging force
28.6 kN
Arm crowd force
Appearance Size
Overall length
5348 mm
Overall width
1740 mm
Overall height
2564 mm
Max. digging height
5215 mm
Max. dumping height
3760 mm
Max. digging depth
3060 mm
Max. digging depth
3060 mm


Battery-powered, zero-emission and pollution-free Compared with the traditional fuel-type engine, the electric hydraulic excavator is more environ-mental friendly and economical, which can save users a lot of cost. At the same time. the use of electric drives is also an important sign of innovation in the industry

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