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XCMG road roller tire series XP305KSIV

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XCMG road roller tire series XP305KSIV


Product Advantage

(1) Machine information

The weight of the whole machine is 30.3 tons, with 5 front tires and 6 rear tires, front wheel steering and rear wheel drive.

(2) Efficient compaction

The single tire load of the whole machine is 2.75 tons, and a strong grounding specific pressure of 460kPa is obtained, which increases the surface density and compaction depth. Special 11.00-20-16PR bias tires are adopted, with large front and rear wheel overlap and high compaction flatness.

(3) Double bridge drive technology

The use of international advanced double-axle drive can achieve greater climbing ability and higher driving speed, and the driving ability of the whole machine is strong. And realize the industry's first 5 rear 6 tire layout, stronger climbing ability, up to 30%, at the same time, the speed of the whole machine can reach 14km/h, and the operation efficiency is high. Without chain drive, driving is safer.

(4) Electric proportional hydraulic transmission technology

Applying electric proportional control technology, the drive system adopts electric proportional pump and electric proportional motor, hydraulic pump + double motor, the driver pushes the handle to control the change of the swash plate angle between the driving pump and the motor, and realizes the displacement of the pump and the displacement of the motor. Stepless change, smooth speed switching and acceleration and deceleration control, and then realize soft start and soft stop.

Technical Parameters




Working weight



Compaction width



Theoretical climbing ability



Rated power



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