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XCMG's "World's First Crane" Breaks The World Record Again: 4000 Tons!

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Another year during the Two Sessions, XCMG brought a new answer sheet

 March 6th

 XCMG 4000 ton wheeled crane

 Heavyweight release 

 Record for the world's largest wheeled crane

7th time broken by XCMG 

 This is a continuous continuation written by XCMG 

 Legendary track of super large tonnage cranes 

 "Made in China" and "Made by XCMG" 

 Highlighting the World Crane Industry 

 Starting from 2010, XCMG has taken a series of "daring to be the first in the world" actions in the history of global crane development. In the research and manufacturing of thousand ton cranes, XCMG has repeatedly broken records in product operation height and lifting  weight, creating world-class products.

 With the continuous expansion of the large tonnage product line, this is not only a milestone in the development of XCMG cranes, but also a solid proof of China's brand's accelerated upward and high-end breakthrough. 

 The wheels of history are rolling forward, and XCMG's lifting machinery is constantly transforming in the industrial torrent, steadily advancing on the path of accelerating the development of new quality productivity and promoting high-quality development of industrial connotation.


Leading the world remotely Promote major technological equipment research and development Amidst the growing demand for large tonnage lifting equipment, XCMG has been rapidly advancing from being a latecomer to soaring all the way in the past two years, becoming an expert in large-scale and specialized equipment for the global crane industry. In an increasing number of large-scale projects in China and even globally, XCMG cranes have become an indispensable participant. In response, state-owned construction enterprises that have participated in numerous large-scale project constructions have made such evaluations.

The newly introduced XCA4000 wheeled crane, the world's most advanced, once again proves to the world that Chinese technology is gradually leading the world's crane industry in a new direction and development. XCMG's 4000 ton wheeled crane has solved the biggest pain points in China's wind power industry, including lifting height, operational safety, and heavy load transfer.


The newly launched "world's number one crane" can meet a lifting height of 170 meters and an ultimate lifting weight of 230 tons. It will continue to expand its operating conditions by 180 meters according to market demand. At the same time, it has stronger transfer ability and can achieve safe transfer of over 400 tons of self weight. More importantly, to ensure the safety of large-scale construction, active safety control technology based on arm posture has been developed, breaking through the limitations of traditional force limiters. 

 "With unprecedented lifting capacity and operational height, XCMG not only breaks the record for the largest crane, but also provides strong support for our users and the development of wind power in China," said Yang Xiaobin, Chairman of Hebei Rongcheng Technology Co., Ltd., the first vehicle customer. 

 Innovative development 

 Accelerate the realization of high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvementWith the accumulation and empowerment of crane technology in 61 years, XCMG has once again broken the user's understanding of equipment in terms of safety, efficiency, performance, and other aspects, charging towards higher and greater development in China's wind power construction track.

 XCMG's 4000 ton crane has completely solved the installation problem of ultra-high power fans through high-performance flexible boom technology, and has poured all efforts into the continuous improvement of crane safety performance. 

 Using independently developed control systems and active safety technology, XCMG's 4000 ton crane can detect and promptly eliminate safety hazards that affect construction at any time through more than ten sensors distributed on the boom, ensuring that wind power lifting construction is in a "safe" state in real time.


It is worth mentioning that the active safety technology applied to 4000 ton wheeled cranes has been the first to be used in 2600 ton and 3000 ton products, and has withstood higher and heavier working conditions for several consecutive years.


If the market for ultra large tonnage cranes only stays at the roll tonnage and roll price, it will never be able to play a leading role in technological innovation. Therefore, XCMG started early and "rolled up" the quality, technical system, and value, building systematic capabilities. Over the past decade, XCMG's innovation and breakthrough in lifting machinery have never ceased, creating high-value products and becoming the core competitiveness of enterprise development. 

 At present, in the field of ultra large equipment, XCMG Crane has fully mastered the design technology of large deformation and nonlinear structures, forming a unique calculation and analysis method and model for the global industry, and the calculation accuracy of large structures is internationally leading. 

 With the support of a series of industry-leading technologies, XCMG is active in various construction application fields around the world.


As of 2023, XCMG has delivered more than 200 thousand ton wheeled cranes, which means that XCMG's large tonnage cranes have not only been recognized by users, but also become the "best choice" for large-scale wind power lifting. 

 Walk ahead, take on the big beam, and make contributions! With the help of self created and self broken records of wheeled cranes, XCMG not only accelerates its leading position in the field of thousand ton cranes, but also takes on the responsibility of tackling key core technologies through independent and controllable new industrial technologies. In order to promote the industry's connotation based high-quality development, we continuously seek, accumulate, and gather momentum towards high-end development, striving to become a "century old shop" and world-class enterprise in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry!

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