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Zero Carbon And Efficient! XCMG's Pure Electric Mixer Truck Goes "green" with Hard Power!

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Extremely fast battery swap in three minutes

200 kilometers of easy driving range

The first XCMG battery swap station in Fuzhou

XCMG pure electric mixer trucks are coming in an endless stream


  In the context of the national "double carbon" target strategy, new energy has become the future development trend of the construction machinery industry. As XCMG pure electric mixer trucks have entered Fuzhou in large quantities, Fuzhou's first XCMG power swap station will also be officially delivered in October 2022, helping the green development of the local concrete industry.


  Since its delivery, the green and efficient XCMG pure electric mixer truck and power swap station have complemented each other, showing excellent energy-saving capabilities. Customers are full of praise: "Since using XCMG pure electric mixer truck, the comprehensive cost has been reduced by 30% compared to using fuel mixer truck. %, I am very satisfied with XCMG’s equipment!”

  In order to improve efficiency, relieve customers' production pressure, and reduce concrete transportation time and cost, XCMG pure electric mixer trucks adopt the "vehicle-electricity separation" mode, which can quickly replenish energy in three minutes, truly achieving an efficient transportation experience of "stopping without stopping".


  At the mixing station site, dozens of XCMG pure electric mixer trucks are lined up neatly. For two months, they have relied on their core advantages of stability, greenness, efficiency, and safety to provide customers with a "zero-emission, high-efficiency, and safer" concrete transportation experience.

  "XCMG's pure electric mixer truck has strong power, quick start, strong climbing ability and long-lasting battery life. It can run about 200 kilometers on a full charge."

  XCMG Concrete Machinery once again won praise from users with its excellent product performance.


  At present, with the support of XCMG's battery swapping station, XCMG's pure electric mixer trucks have been operating efficiently for more than two months, and are supporting the green development of the local concrete industry with a steady stream of zero-carbon capabilities. In the future, XCMG will continue to provide customers with complete sets of zero-carbon concrete solutions and contribute to the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

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