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XCMG 6 ton tower crane XGA6013-6S crane machine for construction lifting

  • XGA6013-6S

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XCMG XGA6013-6S crane


Product descriptions

XGA6013-6S is one of the main models of the S series products, which introduced the automotive crane for the first time in the industry

Our design philosophy and control technology are centered around "high safety", with intelligent, strong performance, excellent quality, excellent efficiency, and precise modeling

Series products with block as an important feature. Inherited XCMG's safety and reliability, advanced intelligence, green and efficient, appearance and humanization

Innovations and breakthroughs in the four major advantageous technologies.

◆ The industry's first application of high-strength cold-formed steel, with lighter arm frames and better lifting performance than other manufacturers in the same industry, with a lightweight level

At a leading level in the industry;

◆ The entire machine is equipped with 8.8-10.9 grade Dacromet high-strength bolts, which have higher strength, stronger rust prevention ability, and a longer service life


◆ The structural components adopt powder electrostatic spraying technology, with a car level coating level, and will not fade for 2 years and rust for 5 years;

The entire platform is made of aluminum alloy material, which will never rust;

◆ For the first time, the design concept of the driver's cab in the automotive field has been introduced into the tower crane industry, using electrophoretic treatment technology to achieve ten driver's cabins

No rusting in years. The external unit of the air conditioner is built-in and installed and transported as a whole to avoid damage to the external unit and reduce the risk of outdoor operation during installation and maintenance;

◆ Modular lifting technology for the entire machine, significantly improving installation and dismantling efficiency by 20-30%;

◆ Full frequency conversion control mode, achieving flexible operation of various mechanisms, no impact feeling, leading in green, efficient, and intelligent level;

◆ Industry leading load and speed control technology, meeting the needs of prefabricated buildings;

◆ For accessories, relying on national quality inspection institutions, achieve three-level coverage of product testing scope, and achieve raw materials and high strength

Batch specialized testing of key components such as bolts and shafts;

All supporting components for the entire machine are from the top two manufacturers in the industry.


Model name
Max lifting capacity
Max wokring range & tip-load
40m & 1.6t
Max free-standing height
Mast section
Drum capacity

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