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XCMG 8 ton Tower crane construction XGT6015-8S crane machine for construction lifting

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XCMG XGT6015-8S crane


Product descriptions

XCMG XGT6015-8S crane is an 8-ton crawler crane produced by XCMG. It has the following advantages and disadvantages: advantages:

1. High load-bearing capacity: The rated lifting capacity of XCMG XGT6015-8S crane reaches 8 tons, which can meet the lifting needs of most small and medium-sized engineering projects.

2. Good stability: The crane adopts a tracked chassis design, which has good ground adaptability and stability, and can maintain stable operation in various complex terrain conditions.

3. Simple operation: The crane is equipped with an advanced remote control system, which can achieve precise operation control, simple operation, and improve construction efficiency and safety.

4. High safety: The crane has safety features such as overload protection, overload alarm, and power outage protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Disadvantages: 1. Restricted working range: Due to the short length of the boom of the crane, its working radius is relatively limited and cannot meet certain large-scale lifting needs.

2. Insufficient power: Compared to some other models of cranes, XCMG

The power performance of XGT6015-8S is relatively low and cannot meet the needs of certain heavy lifting operations. Overall, starting from XCMG XGT6015-8S

As an 8-ton crawler crane, heavy machinery has the advantages of good load-bearing capacity and simple operation, but in terms of working range and power

There are certain shortcomings in the surface. When selecting a crane, evaluation and selection should be based on specific engineering requirements.


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