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XCMG XE335C Crawler Excavator 30ton 33ton 35ton Excacators for Sale

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Medium Crawler Excavator XE335C

XE335C (3)

Product Introduction

ISUZU engine with low fuel consumption, low noise and low emission can provide strong power. Negative flow control system maximizes work efficiency. Smart electronic control system can achieve the balance of power and hydraulic load.

Technical Parameters


Operating weight
33800 kg

Bucket capacity
1.4-1.6 m³
Direct injection
Four strokes
Water Cooling
Air to air intercooler
No. of cylinders
Rated power/speed
190.5/2000 kw/rpm
Maximum torque/speed
872.8/1700 N.m
 7.79  L
Main Performance
Travel speed(H/L)
5.5/3.3 km/h
Swing speed
9.7 r/min
Ground pressure
66 kPa
Bucket digging force
Arm digging force
225  kN
Maximum tractive force
261 kN
Hydraulic System
Main pump
Two piston pump
Rated flow of main pump
2×280 L/min
Main safety valve pressure
34.3/37 MPa
Working scope
Max. digging height
10074 mm
Max. dumping height
6898 mm
Max. digging depth
6972 mm
Maximum depth cut for 2240mm(8 ft) level bottom
6728 mm
Max. vertical wall digging depth
5366 mm
Max. digging radius
10650 mm
Min. swing radius
4424 mm

Efficient hydraulic system

Double-pump constant-power negative-flow hydraulic system, fully absorbing engine power, has larger system flow, lower pressure loss, excellent compound operation and good economy.

Multiple Applications Conditions

Easy maintenance design concept makes your maintenance done without dead angle. Daily maintenance points are within your reach. The embedded sealing strip is featured with good dustproof and waterproof effects.

Safe and Durable

Upgraded undercarriage structure improves load bearing performance. Strengthened key stress-bearing parts of chain links . Strengthened and wear-resistant bucket is more durable.

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