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XCMG official manufacturer LW400FN 4 ton wheel loader tractor price for sale

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LW400FN wheel loader


Product Description

LW400FN is the latest high-performance and cost-effective 4-ton loader developed by XCMG. This machine has a sturdy structure, strong power, stable and reliable, safe and comfortable, energy-saving and efficient, and is widely used in transportation construction, municipal engineering, sand and gravel yards, coal mines, and other loose material transportation occasions. XCMG's unique energy-saving transmission system is efficient and reliable. Extra large self weight, extra long wheelbase, good stability. The structural components are fully designed with computer-aided design, which is sturdy and reliable. The streamlined cover design of the large door has a beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.

Product specifications

Item Specification Unit
Rated operating load 4000 kg
Bucket capacity 2.4
Machine weight 14500±200 kg
Max.breakout force 120 kN
Max.traction force 123 kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise 5.5 s
Total hydraulic cycle time 10.5 s
Min. turning radius over tyres 5940 mm
Rated Power/Speed 125/2200 kW/rpm
Travel speed Ⅰ-gear(F) 0-11 km/h
Ⅱ-gear(F) 0-35 km/h
Ⅰ-gear(R) 0-15 km/h

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