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GSQS450-5 18Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Crane With 23.8m Lifting Height

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GSQS450-5 (SQS450B) Crane

GSQS450-5 (SQS450B) is a truck-mounted crane. XCMG's crane products include truck cranes and all-terrain cranes. Fast speed, multi-axle drive, all-wheel steering, three steering modes, large ground clearance, high climbing ability, no outrigger hoisting and other functions, the lifting capacity ranges from 8 tons to 1200 tons, The number of axles of the chassis can be from 2 to 10. It is the type of crane with the largest output and the most widely used. The use and large-scale production of this product have broken the monopoly of foreign giants in high-end crane product technology.

Product Advantage

"XCMG's truck-mounted cranes account for more than half of the domestic market and have been leading the industry for many years. The truck-mounted crane, referred to as the truck-mounted crane, is a transportation device that combines the boom and the chassis. It is composed of lifting arm, lifting moment, frame, outriggers and other parts.

1. The cross-section of the new hexagonal arm body has strong bending and torsion resistance; the multi-cylinder sequential telescopic mechanism has strong telescopic capacity under load. Automatically retracts the hook to improve working efficiency and driving safety.

2. The confluence proportional hydraulic system can realize the full compound action of the crane and better micro-movement.

3. Torque limiting device to improve operation safety.

4. Double rotary mechanism, more stable operation, better self-locking performance. Double-stage large-span outriggers provide higher vehicle stability.

5. It can be operated left and right, can be rotated 360 degrees forward and backward, and can also be rotated in all directions.

6. Compared with the special-purpose crane, the truck-mounted crane has the characteristics of high speed and strong climbing ability.

7. It can realize fast lifting, high efficiency and energy saving.

8. It has the advantages of flexible maneuvering, convenient operation, high efficiency, safety and reliability."

Technical Parameters

Product Uses

"It is widely used in small earthwork engineering, municipal construction,

pavement repair, concrete crushing, buried cables, farmland water conservancy construction, garden cultivation and river ditch dredging and other projects."

Product Operate Guide

"1. Select the lifting location

When operating a truck crane, it is very important to choose a correct and suitable lifting location. There are also certain requirements and specifications. When choosing a lifting location, it should be noted that the ground is firm and will not sink; the lifting radius of the crane should cover the entire working range as much as possible; There are no wires and other things that will cause safety hazards to the project within the scope; the light should be bright and the field of vision should be wide.

2. Open the power take-off

After selecting the hoisting location, set the crane to the ready hoisting state. The operation method is to hang the corresponding car gear and turn on the power take-off. Different models and brands of truck cranes have different lifting gears, which should be determined according to specific conditions. Then turn on the power take-off button, and you can perform outrigger

3. Boom telescopic

When the boom telescopic joystick of the truck crane is pushed to the upper gear, the boom is extended, and when it is pushed to the lower gear, the boom is retracted. The boom of the truck crane has four booms, which are synchronously telescopic. The boom of the truck crane is generally 4-5 booms, and sometimes there are seven booms. There are many forms of telescopic boom, including synchronous telescopic, independent telescopic, and combined telescopic. Different brands and models can be different, and the operation methods are also different.

4. Lifting and landing

The other two joysticks in the operating room of the truck crane, one is to control the rise and fall of the main boom hook, and the other is to control the rise and fall of the telescopic boom or auxiliary boom hook. Their operation methods are the same. When the joystick is pushed to the lower gear, the hook is lifted, and when the joystick is pushed to the upper gear, the hook is lowered."


"Q1. Why Choose us ?

A: We are professional in construction machines; We will patiently explain for you about all the doubts about the problem of the machines.  

Q2. What is your delivery time?

A: about 10 working days after receiving deposit

Q3. Which machines can you supply?

A: We are professional in exporting construction machines,including truck cranes, crawler cranes, forklifts, excavators,wheel loaders, road rollers etc. Most of them were originally from China.

Q4. What is your payment?

A: Payment is negotiable (T/T,western union etc)"

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