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GSQS450-5 (SQS450B) 18Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Crane With 23.8m Lifting Height

  • GSQS450-5

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GSQS450-5 (SQS450B) CraneGSQS450-5

Product Description

GSQS450-5 (SQS450B) is a truck-mounted crane. XCMG's crane products include truck cranes and all-terrain cranes. Fast speed, multi-axle drive, all-wheel steering, three steering modes, large ground clearance, high climbing ability, no outrigger hoisting and other functions, the lifting capacity ranges from 8 tons to 1200 tons, The number of axles of the chassis can be from 2 to 10. It is the type of crane with the largest output and the most widely used. The use and large-scale production of this product have broken the monopoly of foreign giants in high-end crane product technology.

Product Characteristics

New hexagon arm section, strong bending and torsional resistance; Multi-cylinder sequential expansion mechanism, strong expansion capacity with load. Automatic rewinding, improve working efficiency and driving safety. The combined proportional hydraulic system can realize the full composite action of the crane and better micromobility. Torque limiting device to improve work safety. Double rotary mechanism, more stable operation, better self-locking performance. Double stage long span legs, higher vehicle stability. Standard high seat, double side ladder, ignition, working light, electric horn, radiator, four seasons general hydraulic oil.

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