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New DL350 350hp Wheel Bulldozer for Ports and Large Mines

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1. Product Introduction


The DL350 wheeled bulldozer is the latest generation of world-advanced product that XCMG uses its global R&D platform to fill the gap in domestic wheeled bulldozers. The product has a solid structure, strong power, high stability, reliability, safety, comfort, energy saving and high efficiency, and is the first choice for ports. This product can fully compete and compare with foreign imported products, which can save operation and maintenance costs and create more wealth for you.

2. Product Advantage

* Equipped with imported Cummins electrical appliances, direct injection, turbocharged engine, high value compression energy storage system, good energy saving and environmental protection effect, and strong power.

* Split transmission and transmission system, single-wheel three-way transmission, AMT automatic electric transmission, simple structure and high reliability.

* Fully hydraulic maintenance-free wet transmission axle, fast response, stable manufacturing, safe and reliable.

3. Technical Parameters




Operating weight



Rated power



Maximum tractive effort



Blade outside width



4. Product Uses

1.Construction sites: On construction sites, bulldozers are primarily used for earth excavation, leveling and filling. It can quickly move a large amount of earthwork to the designated position on the ground, which provides convenience for the construction of construction projects.

2.Mines: In mines, bulldozers are used to mine ore ore to remove large quantities of ore and ore from mines and to excavate them

3.Agriculture: In agriculture, bulldozers are mainly used for land consolidation and leveling. It can level the land in the farmland and provide good soil conditions for the planting of crops.

5. Product Operate Guide

1.Start the bulldozer: Insert the key and turn it to the right to start the engine.

2.Understand the control handle: the right hand controls the push shovel, the forward push shovel down, the backward push shovel up, the left and right control the tilt of the push shovel.

3. After engaging the gear, start to operate the bulldozer lever, place it on the ground slowly, and then loosen the clutch slowly to make the bulldozer move forward smoothly.

6. FAQ

Q1. Why Choose us ?

A: We are professional in construction machines; We will patiently explain for you about all the doubts about the problem of the machines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Q2. What is your delivery time?

A: about 10 working days after receiving deposit


Q3. Which machines can you supply?

A: We are professional in exporting construction machines,including truck cranes, crawler cranes, forklifts, excavators,wheel loaders, road rollers etc. Most of them were originally from China.

Q4. What is your payment?

A: Payment is negotiable (T/T,western union etc)

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