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XCMG 16ton telescopic boom truck-mounted crane SQ16SK4Q

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XCMG SQ16SK4Q  truck crane


Product Description

Competitive Advantage

My company's straight arm crane crane covers 1-25 tons 14 models 65 kinds of products, to meet a variety of conditions, with the longest arm of the largest tonnage crane mature manufacturing technology, scientific research and development process, advanced Research and development technology, and constantly have new products to market, to meet customer use.

My company's boom arm section with mature pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal, the latest generation of products with U-shaped arc arm body weight reduction, arm width of a large deflection, stability and resistance to deformation Ability to improve, significantly enhance the lifting capacity.

The application of the sub-arm, sub-winch and vice-hook provides a basis for the rapid and large-scale operation of the crane light load and the high-altitude operation. The application of automatic hook technology saves time and effort when starting and ending crane operations, making it easy to operate easily.

Product specifications

project unit parameter
Maximum lifting mass Kg 16000
Maximum lifting torque T.M 43.2
Recommend Power kw 41
Maximum flow rate of hydraulic system L/min 80
Rated Pressure Of Hydraulic System MPa 28
Fuel tank capacity L 260
Crane self weight kg 6455
Installation Space mm 1400
ROTATION ° 360 ° full rotation

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