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XCMG official SQ14SK4Q 14 tons telescopic boom truck mounted crane

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SQ14SK4Q  truck mounted crane


Product Description

Advantages of XCMG SQ14SK4Q Crane:

1. Efficient performance: The SQ14SK4Q crane has excellent lifting capacity and work efficiency, which can meet the needs of various lifting tasks.

2. Stability: The crane adopts advanced hydraulic and electrical systems, which can provide stable lifting operations and ensure work safety.

3. Flexibility: The crane has a 360 degree full rotation function, which can achieve multi-directional lifting operations and adapt to complex working conditions.

4. Safety: The crane is equipped with multiple safety measures, such as overload protection devices, anti overturning devices, etc., effectively ensuring the safety of lifting operations.

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Advanced hydraulic transmission technology and low noise design are adopted to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Disadvantages of XCMG SQ14SK4Q crane:

1. High price: Due to its high quality and advanced technology, the price of XCMG SQ14SK4Q crane is relatively high and not suitable for all users.

2. Heavy weight: The crane itself is heavy and requires corresponding transportation equipment and operating space, making it inconvenient to carry and use.

3. High maintenance costs: Cranes require regular maintenance, including hydraulic system maintenance, electrical system maintenance, etc., which will increase maintenance costs to a certain extent.

4. Operational complexity:

For inexperienced operators, the operation of a crane may be relatively complex and require some training and familiarity with the process. Overall, the advantages of XCMG SQ14SK4Q crane lie in its high efficiency, stability, flexibility, safety, energy conservation, and environmental protection. However, its relative disadvantages include high price, heavy weight, high maintenance costs, and high operational complexity. Users need to consider their own needs and budget situation comprehensively when making choices


Item Unit SQ14SK4Q
Max Lifting Capacity kg 14000
Max Lifting Moment t.m 35
Recommend Power kw 30
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System L/min 63
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 26
Oil Tank Capacity L 160
Crance Weight kg 4845
Installation Space mm 1300
Rotation Angle ° 360°All Rotaion

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