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Chinese Dozer small 16 ton wheel Bulldozer DL210KV factory price for sale

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XCMG DL210KV  Wheel Bulldozer


Product Introduction

1.The DL210KV wheeled bulldozer is a mature and reliable product designed and developed by XCMG based on the LW500KN structural platform. It has been fully verified by the market and has a good market performance. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, reliability, environmental protection, comfort and convenient maintenance.

2.It adopts Weichai electronically controlled high-pressure common rail low-speed energy-saving engine, which has high reliability and high adaptability, and also has the advantages of low fuel consumption and low emission. It is a high-quality product specially designed and manufactured for construction machinery operating conditions. The engine works in three ways

Mode, to meet the needs of different working conditions, to maximize the efficiency of the whole machine.

3.The specially designed energy-saving planetary hydraulic transmission adopts a large-capacity, energy-saving twin-turbine torque converter and a reinforced gearbox to achieve a perfect match with the engine.

4.It adopts special reinforced drive axle for construction machinery, with stable quality, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Three-stage heavy-duty drive shaft with leading reliability.

Product Characteristics

1. Low noice design

2. Three-stage height adjustable armrests.

3. Electronic monitoring system

4.Steyr WD615-T1-3A high power engine.

5. Hydraulic transmission, high configuration, advanced performance and high reliability.

Product Advantage

1.XCMG DL210KV crawler bulldozer adopts Weichai Steyr WD615-T1-3A engine,rated power 131kw, which has strong power,low fuel consumption, large functional reserves ,reliable performance and convenient after-sales service.

2.The transmission system adopts hydraulic mechanical transmission.Planetary gear, multi-disc separator, hydraulic combined with powerful lubricating sliding type,can effectively improve the quality of work and enhance the economic benefits of the enterprise.

3. Electronic monitoring system with sound and light alarm function, high sensitivity and intuitive monitoring.

4. The angle and height of the driver's seat can be adjusted automatically, the operating system is more ergonomically designed, the driver is comfortable to ride, and the operation is simple, convenient and easy.

5. The novel and beautiful hexahedron cab has a beautiful shape and a wide field of vision.

6 It can be configured with straight tilting blade, U-shaped blade, angle blade, and three-tooth ripper, and has strong adaptability to working conditions.

Technical Parameters




Operating weight



Rated power



Maximum tractive effort



Blade outside width



Product Uses

1.Construction sites: On construction sites, bulldozers are primarily used for earth excavation, leveling and filling. It can quickly move a large amount of earthwork to the designated position on the ground, which provides convenience for the construction of construction projects.

2.Mines: In mines, bulldozers are used to mine ore ore to remove large quantities of ore and ore from mines and to excavate them

3.Agriculture: In agriculture, bulldozers are mainly used for land consolidation and leveling. It can level the land in the farmland and provide good soil conditions for the planting of crops.

Product Operate Guide

1. Start the bulldozer: Insert the key and turn it to the right to start the engine.

2.Understand the control handle: the right hand controls the push shovel, the forward push shovel down, the backward push shovel up, the left and right control the tilt of the push shovel.

3. After engaging the gear, start to operate the bulldozer lever, place it on the ground slowly, and then loosen the clutch slowly to make the bulldozer move forward smoothly.


Q1. Why Choose us ?

A: We are professional in construction machines; We will patiently explain for you about all the doubts about the problem of the machines.

Q2. What is your delivery time?

A: about 10 working days after receiving deposit

Q3. Which machines can you supply?

A: We are professional in exporting construction machines,including truck cranes, crawler cranes, forklifts, excavators,wheel loaders, road rollers etc. Most of them were originally from China.

Q4. What is your payment?

A: Payment is negotiable (T/T,western union etc)

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