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XCMG Official DL350 350HP Wheel Bulldozer Price for Sale

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XCMG DL350 Wheel Bulldozer


Product Introduction

XCMG is a machinery manufacturer capable of developing series medium- and high-tonnage wheel bulldozers in the industry. Matching with other equipment, XCMG’s bulldozers are extensively applied for the bulldozing and digging operations in the working sites of large mines and open-pit coal mines.

Technical Parameters




Operating weight



Rated power



Maximum tractive effort



Blade outside width



Product Advantage

1.Load sensing system + constant power control technology can automatically match load changes, high efficiency and save fuel consumption

2. Modular cooling system, large safety factor design, the ambient temperature up to 43°C can still be normal high-intensity operation

3. Optimize the design of the blade, adjust the center of gravity of the machine, and further improve the stability of the machine and the handling of the blade

Rich products and blade configuration to meet the needs of different working conditions

4. High-quality well-known brand hydraulic components to ensure the reliability and durability of the hydrostatic transmission system

5. Enhanced main frame and integrated walking frame structure, easy to face the test of harsh conditions

6. The blade adopts box-type design, and the curved plate adopts high-strength wear-resistant plate to meet the working environment under severe wear conditions

7. Standard wet braking system, better braking performance, longer service life

Product Uses

1.Construction sites: On construction sites, bulldozers are primarily used for earth excavation, leveling and filling. It can quickly move a large amount of earthwork to the designated position on the ground, which provides convenience for the construction of construction projects.

2.Mines: In mines, bulldozers are used to mine ore ore to remove large quantities of ore and ore from mines and to excavate them

3.Agriculture: In agriculture, bulldozers are mainly used for land consolidation and leveling. It can level the land in the farmland and provide good soil conditions for the planting of crops.

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