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XCMG DL560II Wheel Bulldozer

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XCMG DL560II Wheel Bulldozer


Product Introduction

XCMG is a machinery manufacturer capable of developing series medium- and high-tonnage wheel bulldozers in the industry. Matching with other equipment, XCMG’s bulldozers are extensively applied for the bulldozing and digging operations in the working sites of large mines and open-pit coal mines.

Technical Parameters




Operating weight



Rated power



Maximum tractive effort



Blade outside width



Product Advantage

The DL560II is mechanically driven with strong power, high production efficiency, high reliability and low fuel consumption. The working device of the equipment is light to operate, the cab has a wide field of view, good comfort, can adapt to more harsh working environment, and easy maintenance.

Suitable for road, railway, mine, airport and other ground pushing, excavation, backfill earth and stone and other bulk material operations, is national defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural roads and other construction and water conservancy construction indispensable machinery and equipment.

Product Operate Guide

1. Start the bulldozer: Insert the key and turn it to the right to start the engine.

2.Understand the control handle: the right hand controls the push shovel, the forward push shovel down, the backward push shovel up, the left and right control the tilt of the push shovel.

3. After engaging the gear, start to operate the bulldozer lever, place it on the ground slowly, and then loosen the clutch slowly to make the bulldozer move forward smoothly.

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