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TY160 160 hp compact crawler dozer for sale

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XCMG TY160 Crawler Bulldozer


Product Introduction

XCMG TY160 crawler bulldozer is an earth-moving machine capable of excavating, transporting and discharging rock and soil, and is widely used in open-pit mines. For example, it is used for building dumps, leveling automobile dumps, stacking scattered ore rocks, leveling work flats and construction sites, etc. It is not only used for auxiliary work, but also for main mining work. For example: stripping and mining of placer deposits, traction and boosting of scrapers and rock plows, coordinating with other earthmoving machinery to reduce the height of stripping steps in non-transport mining methods, etc.

Product Characteristics

1. Low noice design

2. Three-stage height adjustable armrests.

3. Electronic monitoring system

4.Steyr WD615-T1-3A high power engine.

5. Hydraulic transmission, high configuration, advanced performance and high reliability.

Product Advantage

1.XCMG TY160 crawler bulldozer adopts Weichai Steyr WD615-T1-3A engine,rated power 131kw, which has strong power,low fuel consumption, large functional reserves ,reliable performance and convenient after-sales service.

2.The transmission system adopts hydraulic mechanical transmission.Planetary gear, multi-disc separator, hydraulic combined with powerful lubricating sliding type,can effectively improve the quality of work and enhance the economic benefits of the enterprise.

3. Electronic monitoring system with sound and light alarm function, high sensitivity and intuitive monitoring.

4. The angle and height of the driver's seat can be adjusted automatically, the operating system is more ergonomically designed, the driver is comfortable to ride, and the operation is simple, convenient and easy.

5. The novel and beautiful hexahedron cab has a beautiful shape and a wide field of vision.

6 It can be configured with straight tilting blade, U-shaped blade, angle blade, and three-tooth ripper, and has strong adaptability to working conditions.

Technical Parameters

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